Nurturing Life Fertility Practice

Nurturing Life is a key concept within acupuncture, a process of listening to your body, hearing deeper needs and learning how to care for them, laying a firm foundation for health both now, and in the future.

Stress and Fertility are recognised anecodately to be deeply linked, and it’s not until there are challenges with conceiving that many individuals and couples look at ways to optimise their chances of conception. The process of fertility care can in itself be stressful, particularly through the many stages of assisted conception cycles. There is now a growing body of evidence and research about the links between stress and fertility.

Acupuncture treatment aims to strengthen weakness within the body, clear energetic blocks and calm overactivity in the system, all things that are traditionally understood to be blocks in optimising fertility.

Modern research into acupuncture and fertility

Care and attention are taken through the

or some people nurturing their emotional wellbeing or promoting mental health is where they need to focus their energy. For others,  learning how to live in a way that makes them feel alive, tending to their spirit, is key and for others it’s learning how to take care physically. And for the majority of people, it’s often a combination of them all.